Your Injury Law Specialist

Gee is a nationally recognized and respected trial lawyer. Gee’s focus, however, is not having a big ego. Gee’s focus is netting the MOST money possible for his clients, using the knowledge and experience you deserve.

While in high school Gee decided he wanted to get a top-notch education. This led Gee to Emory University, a superior school in Atlanta, Georgia, where Gee earned his college degree in philosophy and economics. Then Gee completed his studies at the well respected Tulane Law School, where Gee studied with national and international students and excelled in his maritime and admiralty classes.

William Gee led a team of lawyers to get a $117 million jury award—Louisiana’s largest in history for an injury. Gee has gotten millions of dollars for his clients.

“I fight for the underdog”—Gee

Gee has strong interest in protection of animals. He is a regular donor to Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center (LASCC) and the St.Tammany Parish Humane Society. Gee also gives generously to other wonderful groups.